Laura and James

We met in lockdown and soon realised we shared a love for travel, camping, and the big outdoors.

Having both travelled extensively before meeting, it didn't take Laura much persuasion to join James in his once in a lifetime dream to drive around the world in his LandCruiser.

We spent the Spring/Summer of 2021 heading around the UK in James 80 series with a Maggiolina rooftop tent (King size mattress - oh the luxuries). September 2021 saw us head to Portugal for our first longer trip together. We rented a campervan and just loved the freedom of rocking up in any surf village and waking up to the sounds of the waves (or the sound of the supermarket opening when we had to sleep in a few carparks - it's not all glamour folks!)

Once back from Portugal, we decided to make the jump and start planning our Round the World trip. Covid had held our lives hostage for a few years and as restrictions started to ease, we took the approach of 'now or never'. Winter was spent planning the build of the truck, route options, visas etc and we ended up purchasing a newer LandCruiser for the big journey. Our 76 series comes with all the mod cons, and is a left hand drive so will make lives a lot easier in Central & South America.

And that brings us up to today. We've told our jobs, we've spent months gathering information, speaking to lots of different people, facing a few obstacles, moments of pure excitement and moments of fear but we are booked up. The truck leaves the UK on 23rd July 5 August 26 August and will arrive in New York mid August ready for us to collect.

Let the Adventure begin!!